About my soaps:

My natural soaps are hand made and vegan friendly
THEY CONTAIN: Organic coconut, sustainable palm, extra virgin olive, castor oils and occasionally grape seed oil, clay and sea salt.
THEY DON'T CONTAIN: preservatives, harsh chemicals or unnatural lathering agents.

1 It is safer for your skin. (Doesn't contain harsh chemicals.)
2 It is safer for the environment. (No unsafe chemicals to pollute the environment during production or use.)
3 You will have softer, healthier skin. (Natural glycerine remains in my soap to moisturise. It is not removed to make lotion. The lotion is in the soap.)
4 It saves you money in the long run. (Lasts longer, cuts down on need for lotion.)
5 It helps support a small, local business. So thank you! :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Amethyst mineral bars with sea salt and lemongrass

These salt bars look like polished granite, smell pretty and feel great on skin. Cleans beautifully without ever drying. They are hand made and contain coconut, olive, palm, castor, grape seed oils and sea salt. A subtle lemongrass fragrance adds to the pleasure of using these bars.
$5.00 each, or buy four, get one free!

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